Tokenized Movie

Turning Movie Enthusiasts Into Movie Investors.

RVW Limited and LCX AG signed a partnership agreement to tokenize the Roe V. Wade Movie. LCX is acting as the exclusive Trusted Technology Service Provider in accordance with the Liechtenstein Blockchain laws. While RVW Limited is the legal issuer of the financial instrument, LCX is taking care of all technical aspect of the RVW Token Offering. 

The purchasing portal will be provided by LCX at the sub-domain address of and will be the exclusive venue for purchasing RVW Tokens in this offering.

More specifically, LCX AG is responsible to be a technical service provider with respect to delivering underlying technical solutions and infrastructure, developing necessary smart contracts and software, generating RVW tokens, maintaining the technical platform where the token issuer can make these tokens available for sale to the investor, facilitating reporting, data management and blockchain payments that happen between you and RVW Limited as a part of the token offering and eventual future rewards and paybacks from RVW Limited back to the investor.

LCX is a financial services company that focuses on tokenization of assets, security token offerings and advanced trading tools. The LCX STO Launchpad as a one-stop tokenization platform to automate the fundraising and investor management on the blockchain. The LCX Terminal brings together real-time and full historical data on all cryptocurrency markets, news, social analytics, and trading signals, powerful analytics, smart order routing, and trading execution capabilities — all on one solution. Recently LCX also launched the LCX DeFi Terminal as a decentralized trading platform built on top of Uniswap. LCX is headquartered in Vaduz with offices in Zug and New Delhi. To learn more, visit and follow us on twitter at @LCX.